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Imaging Services

Colour Analysis

What colours make you look healthier, younger and more vibrant?  Do you look better in cool or warm colour clothing, accessories and makeup?  We use a highly individualized computer analysis of your skin, hair, and eye colours to determine your unique colour harmony.  From the analysis, we prepare a custom palette of forty colours that harmonize with your unique colouring.  The palette comes in a small zipper case - perfect for shopping.  Includes a makeover lesson in your best colours.

$195 + GST - individual consultation

~3hrs over 2 sessions

Combine with a Silhouette Analysis and save 20%

Dates: By Appointment - in person or virtual



Silhouette Analysis

Discover the best clothing, accessories, eyeglasses and hair styles for your face and body shape with Signia, a computerized system of silhouette analysis.  Learn how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure challenges, and add or minimize height and weight.  Learn what clothing qualities to look for, and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe.  You will receive a guidebook written about you and a lesson to help you use it.

Cost:  $195 + GST - individual consultation  

~3hrs over 2 sessions

Combine with Colour Analysis and save 20%

Dates: By Appointment - in person or virtual

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