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Seminar: The Great Closet Cleanout


The Great Closet Cleanout

Do you enter your closet at your own risk? Is it an adventure each morning? Most woman wear only 10% of the items in their closet 90% of the time. Have you ever wondered why? Find out how to tackle the problem following a step by step process and once again enjoy the clothes in your closet.

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Dates:   Apr 26, 2022   7:00pm-8:30pm MDT   or
              Apr 27, 2022   11:00am-12:30pm  MDT  ***COMPLETE***
Location:   Online
Cost:   $10

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Chris Z
Chris Z

May 02, 2022

Before I took this seminar I didn’t know how to go about cleaning out my closet. I struggled with how to create outfits using the clothes hanging in my closet. I feel I now understand my personal style and the type of wardrobe I want for my lifestyle. Janice has a step by step process to evaluate your wardrobe that is not complicated and is simple and easy to follow. I especially liked the concept of putting together a capsule wardrobe and Janice’s hands-on demonstration of how she evaluated the clothes in her closet using the step by step process. Thank you for providing excellent tools and tips to take the stress out of tackling my closet.


May 02, 2022

Great class Janice. I always love the way you can both motivate and educate us. I went out the next day and bought those great hangers from Walmart. Plan of closet attack is Monday am. Thanks again.

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