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Colour Analysis

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Colour Analysis

What colours make you look healthier, younger and more vibrant?  Do you look better in cool or warm colour clothing, accessories and makeup?  We use a highly individualized computer analysis of your skin, hair, and eye colours to determine your unique colour harmony.  From the analysis, we prepare a custom palette of forty colours that harmonize with your unique colouring.  The palette comes in a small zipper case - perfect for shopping.  Includes a makeover lesson in your best colours.

$195 + GST - individual consultation

~3hrs over 2 sessions

Combine with a Silhouette Analysis and save 20%

Dates: By Appointment - in person or virtual

1 Response

Donna H
Donna H

May 28, 2021

I had always wanted to have my colours done. When Janice did my analysis, I found that even though my instincts were good, I could do better. As a True Autumn, my colours were warm. I had purchased a fan of generic Autumn colours. There is an enormous difference between my personal colours from Colour Analysis and the generic colours fan. I love my colour fan and use it for all wardrobe planning and clothing purchases. Browns, tans and olives have gradually replaced blacks, whites, and blues as neutrals. Accent colours for me are rich and cosy. Some colours from Analysis are new to me, but I love the compliments when I wear them. This was a good investment and saves time and money. Now I have a clothes that I really like to wear because they flatter me.

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