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Fusible Stay Tape Starter Kit

This fusible stay tape starter kit includes one package each of SewKeysE Woven 1/2",  SewKeysE Knit 1/2", SewKeysE Knit 1.25", and Design Plus Ultra-soft Double Sided Fusible.   

SewKeysE Woven 1/2" stay tape used to stabilize: narrow hems (woven or knits to prevent stretching), shoulder seams, crotch seams, pocket openings   Available in white or black.  1/2″ wide x 25 yards - WOVEN.

SewKeysE Knit 1/2" stay tape used to stabilize:  narrow hems on knit and/or light weight wovens, necklines and shoulder seams, armseye or crotch seams.   Available in ivory or black.  1/2″ wide x 25 yards - KNIT.

SewKeysE Knit 1.25'' stay tape used to stabilize: wide hems (knit or light weight woven) and cardigan front (fold back line into garment).   Available in Ivory and Black.  1.25" wide x 25 yards - KNIT.

Design Plus Ultra-Soft Double Sided Fusible remains soft after fusing, does not change the feel or drape of the fabric.   Prevents stretching, shifting and loose stitches when hemming knits.  3/8" wide x 27 yards - DOUBLE SIDED.

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