Sew Expo -- Prints Charming & Sew Skinny?


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Sew Expo -- Prints Charming & Sew Skinny?

 I have just returned from Sew Expo excited to get back into my sewing room.   I attended many great seminars, workshops, fashion shows, and of course did my fair share of damage shopping the exhibit floor.   Over the next few blog entries I will be sharing some of my “a ha” moments, fabulous finds, and upcoming projects. 

One of my favorite finds was first time Sew Expo speaker, Nancy Nix-Rice, author of Looking Good, a comprehensive guide to wardrobe planning,  colour , and personal style development.  

 She provided some great insights regarding finding your “handsome prints” and choosing flattering pattern silhouettes.    I am a big fan of knowing what colours look best on you but have you ever considered what prints would be most flattering?    

My colour wheel that I never leave home without

Nancy asked a question that really made me think,  “are you wearing the print or is the print wearing you?”  Here are some points she made when selecting prints.  The print you select should primarily contain your most flattering colours.  If you haven’t had a professional colour analysis then consider which colours really enhance your appearance.   What are you wearing when people give you the most compliments?   She talked about the concept of colour temperature (warm or cool undertones), colour value (the lightness or darkness ) and colour intensity (strong or muted).   She talked about prints approximating your colour temperature,  value and  intensity,  and never exceed your personal colour contrast.    If you have a lot of contrast – dark hair and fair skin tone - you might be able to carry off a high contrast black and white print.  If you have low contrast - blonde hair and fair skin tone -  a black and white print would be overpowering.   This season, ready-to-wear is selling high contrast black and white prints that may not be for everyone, so don’t get taken in with what is most fashionable if it’s not for you. 

 I recently purchased a leopard print cardigan and found I really liked the look when I paired it with a bright pink shirt.  After Nancy’s talk I realized that, as I have a more mid-level of contrast between my hair and skin tone,  the gray and ivory background provides  a way of toning down the contrast so it makes it much more flattering on me.  I get the illusion of being very fashionable but staying true to my colour contrast.

Another interesting idea she talked about was repeating your hair colour, texture, and if possible relating the print to your facial structure.  Do you have a curved or angular face?  If you have a very angular jawline a geometric print would be more flattering than soft swirls.  Your print  should also balance to your overall body scale.   If you are petite the last thing you want on your body are large over bearing flowers or polka dots. 

Next time you are shopping for print fabric consider some of these suggestions.  Drape the fabric on you and ask yourself -- are you wearing the print or is the print wearing you?  

For information on sew skinny tips check out Nancy Nix-Rice’s website http://www.nancynixrice.com/skinny.html.  

Nancy’s book, Looking Good, is also a great source of information http://www.palmerpletsch.com/store/index.htm


Hope you find your Prints Charming!

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