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Janice Aston  |  0 Comments

Style tip: Face Shape Harmony

Things that are in harmony are pleasing to the eye and are considered beautiful.  Have you ever considered how your face shape impacts your personal style? 

The lines of your face shape should harmonize with the lines in your accessories, necklines, patterns, hairstyles and eyewear.

Notice that the high rounded neckline mimics and balances the models contoured face.  The flowing lines of the gown and the colour is very flattering for this True Radiant Autumn.    The dress would be considered harmonious with with her face and colouring.

In contrast the geometric print and V neckline of the following dress is more harmonious with the angled faced shape for this model.  Notice how angular her jawline is.

Face shapes can be categorized into 2 major groupings – Angled or Contoured.  There are several variations within each grouping.   If you mimic your face shape you will get a more harmonious look.  When determining face shape focus on the jawline to determine angled or contoured.  Also consider where your face goes in or out and how proportioned it is.  You want to mimic the face shape but also create a balanced look that is pleasing to the eye.  Jewelry, hair styles and eye glasses can all provide that balance.  For example, with the square angular face shape , long dangle earrings would help to lengthen and balance the face shape.


For more information on face shape balance for accessories, hairstyles, eyewear book your Signia appointment for a complete silhouette analysis.

Find your harmony in style!