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Janice Aston  |  0 Comments

New Services – Colour and Silhouette analysis!


I am super excited to announce that we are now offering Colour and Silhouette analysis in our studio.


I love seeing my clients elated with what they have created, nothing is more rewarding.   Fit and good garment construction techniques are really important, however design and colour/print selection is equally important.    If it isn’t in harmony with you, you have a great fitting garment but not the WOW factor you are looking for.    As garment sewers we want to create something just for us that no one else has.  The style, fit and colour should be in perfect harmony for us.    When chatting with an image consultant in Portland Oregon, Ethel Harms, (who is fabulous at colour analysis) she recommended that I get in touch with Color Me Beautiful™ and so the journey began.   In addition to high quality cosmetic and skin care products, they offer 2 great image products - Color Alliance™ and SIGNIA™.   After looking at these products I was sold!  


Color Alliance™ is a highly individualized system of colour analysis.  This computer-assisted analysis is based not only on your colour “season” but also on the specific colours of your skin, hair and eyes.  The result is not one of four seasons, but one of approximately four million possible colour combinations—nearly as unique as a fingerprint.  Your personal colour palette will provide you with flattering choices that are in perfect harmony with you. 


SIGNIA™, a computerized system of silhouette analysis, helps discover the best clothing, accessories, eyeglasses, and hair styles for your face and body shape.  You can learn how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize challenge areas, and add or minimize height and weight.  The analysis also helps you learn what clothing qualities to look for, and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe.  You receive a guidebook written for you about you.


This process helps create your own unique personal style that is in harmony with you.  Result is - you look and feel great!   Who won’t want to make your next shopping experience more fun while saving money?  You will no longer come home with garments that are never worn because they really don’t do anything for you.


Stop by the studio for a consult, I guarantee it will be well worth it.  After all who doesn’t want to FEEL GOOD AND LOOK GREAT!