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New Rowenta Pro-Precision Steam Generator is fabulous!

If you don’t have a steam generator you are really missing out.  I got hooked about 10 years ago when I went to Portland for my first Palmer/Pletsch Pants for Real People workshop.  Marta had a Rowenta steam generator in the classroom.  It pressed seams open wonderfully and was fabulous for setting the crease in your trousers.  It was so sharp and crisp that after the workshop I immediately went on the lookout for an iron.  I couldn’t find much in Canada so ended up sourcing the same style (with a removable water tank)  from the US.  I just loved it, until about 6 months ago the steam trigger broke.  Since it was over 7 years old I thought I would replace with the current model.  I was quite disappointed with the only Rowenta iron(DG5030) available in Canada.  It  took a long time to heat up, seemed to spit like mad (my garments where actually wet) and you were unable to fill the tank until it had completely cooled down.  I was so disappointed that I returned the first iron to Rowenta.  The replacement was slightly better but not great.  I had resigned myself to look for a new iron in the US on our next road trip.

Rowenta Pro Precision Steam Generator

Just a few weeks ago my husband came home with a great surprise.  He was shopping (unsupervised mind you) at Costco and Rowenta had a booth demoing their latest iron.  They have upgraded many features so I just had to give it a shot.  Well I just love it! It heats up in 3 minutes, does NOT spit at all, and has a separate water tank that can be refilled at any time.  It is awesome!!!  I  would highly recommend it.  It cost $230CDN and is well worth every penny.

Stream generators are really a must have for garment construction.  Not bad if you have to iron your husband’s dress shirts either.

Happy pressing!